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About Us

Employers have lots of options to find right-fit candidates, mostly using recruiting and headhunting agencies. Job seekers, while they can partner with recruiting agencies to land a job, their loyalties are usually to the employer who pays for their efforts.

A Hire Success is laser-focused, singularly on job seekers! Our mission is to ensure that you, the best you, the most impressive you comes through during your job search. Most of us never received training on how to build a quality resume, how to interview, or how to create desire from a potential employer. This is what we do!

We will teach you the fine art of (and the secrets behind) landing a great job!

A Hire Success was created out of a desire to equip job seekers with the tools and resources that help them land the jobs of their dreams. Every day, Chris takes his years of HR expertise and coaches job seekers. It is because of these efforts that numerous people are landing jobs, getting higher salary offers, negotiating better benefits, and being seen as high potentials within their companies.

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Chris Murray brings a wealth of experience and HR knowledge to job-seekers who want to be seen as the “candidate of choice” in a job market that is over-saturated with available talent. He seamlessly offers constructive feedback to candidates while simultaneously helping them to characterize their experience in a meaningful way, understand the hiring process, remove potential barriers and prepare strategically for every possible scenario in the course of consideration. There aren’t many career success consultants who have real-world experience managing the HR function; Chris brings over 18 years of diverse HR knowledge and speaks to candidates in a well-rounded fashion (helping them see the full picture).  He’s personally interviewed and overseen the hiring of 1000s of candidates during his career in HR. 

With his passion for seeing people succeed, Chris is driven to ensure that all clients are well prepared with a résumé document that gets the attention of recruiters, are equipped to rationalize and answer the common disqualification questions during screening calls, impress interviewers in the interview room and negotiate the best possible salary for their new job! He helps candidates to think tactically about how to position themselves once an offer hits the table. Many candidates don’t know how to use proper employment negotiation language or what to do to ensure a smooth transition from one job to another.

Don’t choose a Career Consultant with ZERO Human Resources and Hiring Manager experience.  Having an experienced professional from the “other side of the table” is the difference between landing a job and losing one!


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