The Process

Our Process is simple…

Select your services and complete the transaction

A representative will schedule an intake meeting

Your résumé will be developed in 5-7 business days

Your résumé is a calling-card; what does yours say about you?

Fast Facts about Resumes:

In our experience, most résumés have the same sorts of problems…

  • Poorly written, often having issues with grammar, punctuation, word usage
  • No clear sync between candidate knowledge and experience for the job in question
  • Lack of creativity, over-used résumé templates
  • Errors and bad formatting, little attention to detail
  • Document doesn’t convey passion or enthusiasm, clear subject expertise
  • Inaccurate (outdated) contact information, missing job-related information

A well-written résumé will…

  • Increase the amount of quality responses that you get from recruiters and hiring managers
  • Position you as an “ace” candidate in applicant tracking systems, increasing your potential to get hired
  • Demonstrate your capability and performance, which could increase your salary offer
  • Properly highlight and list skills, knowledge and abilities that warrant attention
  • Help you stand out to recruiters who screen candidates manually; the visual DOES matter

Resume Samples – Our Philosophy

While some companies choose to post resume samples on their websites, we’ve made a decision to exclude them from public view. In an effort to keep our style and methods safe and keep web surfers from plagiarizing, we don’t have samples available online. If you would like to see a sample of our before/after clients, we welcome the opportunity to set up an online meeting and screen sharing session. Please schedule a meeting today!